Buyer FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions
OK, Let’s DO THIS! Found my little piece of heaven, what information do you need from me?

Yay! This is what we LOVE!!! Helping people connect with what they love. First, select the property you want to buy and CLICK on BUY NOW. Make your payment and fill out the Purchase Form. You will be guided through the process via Easy to Follow instructions. Or give us a Call at 562-448-3173 and we’ll walk you through the process over the phone.

Soooo, are you the Owner of the property or a broker?

We are the owners! We are not brokers, which is great because you don’t have to pay commission fees. We sell our properties directly to You, the Buyer.

Mmmm, Okay, but are there any additional “hidden” fees if I buy directly from you?

Nope, no hidden fees here. We do have a document preparation fee, but that is clearly shown in our listing. Also, if there are minimal back taxes that you’ll be responsible for, we will let you know in advance. Most of the time, the taxes are current, so not to worry.

How are your prices so low? Not, that I want to pay more, mind you…

After thorough analysis of different counties and properties based on County or Municipal Assessment Data, Local Sales Comparables, Land Attributes and other local market data, we make offers and purchase deeply discounted property from Sellers with unwanted land. We then, get to pass on an amazing discount to YOU! Just a fancy way of saying… We did our research!

Why aren’t you charging me Retail Market Value for this property?

Our goal is to buy deeply discounted unwanted land, so we can pass on an amazing deal to our buyers. We buy wholesale, so we can sell wholesale fast. This way everyone wins!

Do you own Clear Title for this property?

Yes. We do our due diligence when we take title to the property to make sure it is clear.

What types of Properties are you Selling?

Right now, we are looking to specialize in Rural Vacant Land anywhere in the beautiful United States of America! Soon, we’ll start venturing into the acquisition and sale of houses and other real property.

Ok, Scout’s honor, how much will I pay for Closing Costs?

Just the document preparation fee! If the property is located in a county that requires escrow, we will let you know what those fees are ahead of time.

What can I do with my property?

Camping, parking your RV, building a cabin or home, off-roading, etc are many of the possibilities, but it will depend on the property, its zoning and the county/state where the property is located. We try to give you as much information on the property listing as possible. Nevertheless, please be sure to check directly with the pertinent county for specifics about your property. Don’t worry, we’ll include contact information for the pertinent county so you can do your due diligence.

I’m a BUYER. How do we close on a property?

EASY PEASY, LEMON SQUEEZY! Once you have selected your property, the two most common ways of closing are:

  • ONLINE – Select the property you want to buy, then:
    • Click on the BUY NOW button
    • Choose Payment Type: Pay with a Credit Card / Debit Card or *Cashier’s Check.
    • Fill out the Purchase Form where you’ll also tell us:
      • Name or Names to be added on Title
      • How you’d like to take Title
      • Your address and contact information where the New Deed and future tax bills should be sent.
      • *If sending a Cashier’s check, please follow instructions on form and mail payment to indicated address.
    • After we receive the funds:
      • We’ll prepare the New Deed conveying the property to you as you have specified.
      • We’ll RECORD it electronically. Proof of the recordation will be sent to you via email.
      • After you get the email, feel free to call the County Recorder (Don’t worry, we’ll give you that info too!) to confirm the recordation.
  • Title/Escrow Company – This is a slower and more expensive way to closing, which is mostly used for transactions of high value, such as purchasing a home. Depending on the property we may have to go this route. If so, we’ll let you know ahead of time and we’ll send you the appropriate instructions based on the county/state regulations where the property is located.