14.66 Acres | Awe Inspiring Valley Views in Bear Valley Springs!

Amazing panoramic views with all the amenities Bear Valley Springs has to offer! Large Lot with stunning views in this gated community.

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Property Information

Parcel Size

14.66 Acres





Nearest Cities

Tehachapi & Bakersfield

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27120 & 27140 El Camino Rd, Tehachapi, CA 93561

Legal Description



Awe inspiring views from the mountain top! Come and build your mountain retreat or cabin on this beautiful, residential vacant lot with a water meter already installed. Surrounded by gorgeous Mountain Views, Lakes, Boating, Camping, Fishing, Oak Tree Country Club Golf Course, Mountain Biking, Hiking and only an hour away from Bakersfield. This is a 13.51 acres Residential Vacant lot by 4 Island Lake and Cub Lake and within minutes of all the private amenities reserved for owners only.  Bear Valley Springs Association offers: easy access to the lakes for boating, fishing, swimming, camping, golfing, tennis, horseback riding, shooting & archery range and many more activities in this beautiful and private town.

3Hrs from Los Angeles, 1 Hr from Bakersfield and 1 Hr from Santa Clarita. I-5 North, 14 North


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Paved Road

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At Property Line

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Meter Installed

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Propane, Alternative

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35.2118966140941, -118.677824066793

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Residential Vacant Land – E(10) RS

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4,394 ft

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Additional Information


Bear Valley Springs Association – Dues – $3240 / Yr

Annual Property Taxes

$914.90 / Yr (Est.)

GPS Coordinates

35.2118966140941, -118.677824066793 35.2129036372339, -118.680587913391 35.2118021756636, -118.680563454866 35.2117543707008, -118.680545488298 35.2117046602667, -118.680534225234 35.2116536423419, -118.680524470873 35.211610047463, -118.680508063339 35.2115678168858, -118.680485257897 35.2115276354794, -118.68045644035 35.2114901500778, -118.68042205389 35.2114559642458, -118.680382665519 35.2114256333951, -118.680338157103 35.2113921428259, -118.680298149131 35.211355028214, -118.680260795689 35.2113117521798, -118.680229548679 35.2112653334483, -118.680204795621 35.2112163405478, -118.680186848499 35.2111653938317, -118.680175933071 35.2111131258437, -118.680172178707 35.2110601845356, -118.68017563509 35.2110072220486, -118.680186263152 35.2109549121119, -118.680203917792 35.2109038957644, -118.680342544231 35.2105745266875, -118.680345189206 35.2105661750957, -118.68034620662 35.210557597848, -118.680345575177 35.2105489866318, -118.680343311422 35.2105405692788, -118.680339469553 35.2105325426477, -118.680334140735 35.2105251130753, -118.680327469476 35.2105184509388, -118.680319608156 35.2105127314055, -118.680310750086 35.2105080894094, -118.680301118358 35.2105046465863, -118.680230269232 35.2104845651314, -118.680173567288 35.2104720198185, -118.680115310543 35.2104660010045, -118.680056589718 35.2104666305744, -118.679998534958 35.2104738953684, -118.67994226129 35.2104876472959, -118.679888822974 35.2105076404942, -118.679839255908 35.2105334764906, -118.679794497723 35.2105646795119, -118.679448756239 35.2108415784848, -118.679408085047 35.2108692761523, -118.679362520489 35.2108912615296, -118.679313250301 35.2109069483794, -118.67926154544 35.2109159467527, -118.679208752264 35.2109180109326, -118.67915624003 35.2109130926345, -118.679105374349 35.2109013130315, -118.679057473182 35.2108829897679, -118.679013772172 35.2108585828216, -118.678975417282 35.2108287456738, -118.678943397445 35.2107942310827, -118.678918547837 35.2107559519954, -118.677646302666 35.2112083426778, -118.675710560626 


Sloping (Up)

Time to Build

No Limit


Needs Septic Tank


Nearby Attractions

Kern County, CA

The city of Tehachapi is an ideal destination for people and families of all ages.  Enjoy the four seasons in this hidden jewel of a town.  Tehachapi is located outside of Southern California’s congested highly populated areas and outside of the drier hotter deserts and valleys surrounding it. Our higher elevation and mountain locale epitomize outdoor living at its best. People here, whether resident or visitor relish their time spent outside enjoying the scenic beauty and all the recreational opportunities, extreme sports and wildlife the area has to offer.

It’s about higher elevation. How the higher elevation is our competitive differentiator because we have clean air, four seasons, alternative energy, outdoor adventure, great agritourism… all because of our higher elevation.

Just 2 ½ hours from Los Angeles and 1 hr from Bakersfield and Santa Clarita, Kern County is easily accessible year-round for all-season fun, adventure and memory-making moments.

Looking for things to do? Aside from all the amenities the HOA offers, there are other attractions in this area:  Tehachapi Loop Overlook, Brite Valley Aquatic Recreation Area, Four Island Lake, Tehachapi Creek, Bear Mountain, Triassic Vineyards, Kern River Rafting and many more.

Mountain Views, Golfing, Boating, Fishing, River Rafting, Water-skiing, Camping, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Horse Trails, Equestrian Center, Boat Rental, Swim Lagoons, Kayak, Easy access to lakes, Shooting Range, Archery, Pool.

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