4.63 Acres | Make Beautiful Lake Memories in Crystal Cove At A Great Price!

Make your lake dreams come true on this large 4.63 vacant land lot with views of Watts Bar Lake and the Great Smokey Mountains in the charming community of Crystal Cove.
This beautiful lakeside lot is located in Rockwood, TN.

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$33,500 + County Fees & Closing Costs
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Property Information

Parcel Size

4.63 Acres





Nearest Cities

Knoxville & Chattanooga

Parcel #



421 Crystal Springs Rd, Rockwood, Tn 37854

Legal Description

Crystal Cove S/d Rev Phase Ii Sec 2 Pb-d Pg-120 Pb Pca Pg 177 Pg-2 Lot 421 Dim 334.86×770.01 Irr


Make your lake dreams come true on this large 4.63 vacant land lot with views of Watts
Bar Lake
and the Great Smokey Mountains in the charming community of Crystal Cove.
This beautiful lakeside property is located in Rockwood, TN and is within minutes of Watts
Bar Lake with a public docking area. Private docks are also available for rent or purchase
from the Crystal Cove Association. Enter the community through the covered bridge and
enjoy nature. This lot is conveniently located only 45 mins from Knoxville and 1.5 hrs from
Dollywood! Enjoy picnics, boating, fishing, watersports and relaxing times with your friends
and family on your own personal lakeside retreat.

All utilities including water, sewer, gas, and electric are available plus community boat
ramp, docks, & lakeside picnic area. Minimum sqft for a dwelling is 1,500 sqft. Set Backs
are: Front and Sides – 35′ and Rear – 20′ Stick Build mostly. HOA Dues are $75/yr.

Amenities in Crystal Cove include a private boat ramp, pavilion, pier, and boat slip rentals. 

Directions: From I-40 West take exit 347 and turn left onto S. Roane street. Go through
Rockwood and turn left onto Burkemill road and then right onto Abels Valley road. Turn left
onto Winton Chapel road and Crystal Cove entrance will be on your left. Follow Crystal
Springs road to the top of the hill and the entrance to the property will be on your left.

Building Notes:

Restrictive Covenants: Stick Built Only. 1500 square feet minimum. Set Backs: Front – 35′, Sides – 35′, Rear – 20′.
No Camping, RV’s, Mobile Homes, Single Wides, Double Wides, or Modular/Prefabricated homes. However, with the advancement of building techniques, there may be types that are, in-part, prefabricated, but built on the lot. (Determination and approval must be made by the ACC.)



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1,091 ft

Additional Information

Annual Property Taxes

$193.00 / Yr (Est.)

GPS Coordinates

35.8161098236845,-84.6893850836891 ;35.8164097351802,-84.689732944487 ;35.8149067328654,-84.6908337029161 ;35.8146684385892,-84.690839815995 ;35.8146574503184,-84.6908399205727 ;35.8146492089347,-84.6908398484832 ;35.8146423422578,-84.6908396779199 ;35.8146327332025,-84.6908392783314 ;35.8146217584231,-84.6908386039173 ;35.8146135340356,-84.6908379484198 ;35.8146066867804,-84.6908372909645 ;35.8145971122067,-84.690836210704 ;35.8145861876866,-84.690834759225 ;35.8145766464106,-84.6908332993635 ;35.8145671260316,-84.6908316456262 ;35.8145576264683,-84.690829822048 ;35.8145508557797,-84.6908284064921 ;35.8145440994953,-84.6908268945658 ;35.8145346644002,-84.6908246208831 ;35.8145239177139,-84.6908218083832 ;35.814515883316,-84.6908195521735 ;35.8145092090701,-84.6908175637129 ;35.8145025524197,-84.6908154881058 ;35.8144959160384,-84.6908133185621 ;35.8144892986261,-84.6908110618493 ;35.8144813873847,-84.6908082259722 ;35.8144735044233,-84.6908052749451 ;35.8144656576752,-84.6908021803879 ;35.814456542623,-84.6907984223414 ;35.814450062584,-84.6907956300004 ;35.814442322939,-84.6907921529453 ;35.8144333376681,-84.6907879504694 ;35.8144256809846,-84.6907842076852 ;35.8144168020403,-84.6907796775373 ;35.8144079776903,-84.6907749888004 ;35.8143992180242,-84.6907701219137 ;35.8143892816514,-84.6907643619277 ;35.8143806545581,-84.6907591492296 ;35.8143745345091,-84.6907553238682 ;35.8143672399147,-84.6907506146481 ;35.8143575909696,-84.6907441593006 ;35.8143492234674,-84.690738344037 ;35.8143432934769,-84.6907340905445 ;35.8143374034469,-84.690729753755 ;35.8143315517245,-84.6907253395986 ;35.8143245870893,-84.6907199301028 ;35.8143153889375,-84.690712549028 ;35.8143085578992,-84.6907068877297 ;35.8143030281806,-84.6907021777782 ;35.8142035085499,-84.690616411033 ;35.8141944925703,-84.6906086981109 ;35.8141854321201,-84.6906010643459 ;35.8141763278769,-84.6905935088833 ;35.8141671805365,-84.6905860325552 ;35.8141602919293,-84.690580478055 ;35.8141510698765,-84.6905731420978 ;35.8141418061092,-84.6905658860954 ;35.8141324999502,-84.6905587109025 ;35.8141231534593,-84.6905516164849 ;35.8141137659685,-84.6905446045403 ;35.8141043381459,-84.6905376733711 ;35.8140948706968,-84.6905308246523 ;35.8140853636212,-84.6905240583838 ;35.8140758182925,-84.6905173745431 ;35.8140662340333,-84.6905107739845 ;35.8140580825688,-84.690505245304 ;35.8157905268954,-84.6890149668153 ;35.8161098236845,-84.6893850836891


Steep Slope Down

Time to Build

No Limit


At Property Line


Nearby Attractions

Roane County, TN

Natural beauty and recreation are part of the good life in Roane County. Located in the
Tennessee Valley with a Great Smoky Mountains backdrop, we enjoy four true seasons,
generally mild temperatures and miles of picturesque waterfront.

Roane County is home to inviting waterways, opportunities for adventure and relaxing
getaways. Whether you live or vacation here, you’ll enjoy fun family festivals, toe-tapping
music, the beautiful Watts Bar Lake with its world-class fishing, history that changed our
world and delightful historic towns.

Enjoy 700+ Lakeshore miles on Watts Bar Lake, one of the largest in the Southeast;
56,000+ Acres of recreation that includes water, parks, trails, wildlife areas and golf
courses; and 450+ Events & festivals to enjoy year-round.

Explore and Discover Roane County: Watts Bar Lake, Manhattan Project National Historical Park, Whitestone Country Inn, Fort Southwest Point, Tennessee Pirate Fest, Caney Creek RV Park, Riley Creek Campgrounds and 450+ festivals & events like Smokin’ the Water, Harriman Christmas Home Tour, Thunder
Road, and Hooray for Harriman.

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